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Latest Issue July/August 2014

  • IP’s most influential people 2014

    The 50 people in social media, advocacy and debate influencing IP policy

  • How Caterpillar protects its IP

    Simon Crompton travels to Caterpillar’s European IP headquarters to learn how the team manages its IP risk across a dizzying array of products

  • Making sense of courts’ rulings on FRAND injunctions

    One of the most controversial issues in patent law concerns the availability of injunctive relief in disputes involving standard-essential patents. A recent review of case law published by AIPPI sheds some light on the issue. James Nurton reports

  • A guide to damages calculations for trade mark infringement

    Courts in the EU have wide discretion to set damages in trade mark infringement cases. Bonita Trimmer explains the factors they take into account so IP owners can shape their litigation strategies

  • China’s developing approach to Swiss-type claims

    While jurisdictions such as the EPO are moving away from the use of Swiss-type claims, China still accepts such claims, though a Chinese Swiss-type claim has its own unique uses and limitations. Ouyang Shiwen and Zhang Lihua explain how such claims are interpreted and the approach taken by the Supreme People’s Court in light of recent guidance

  • Effective strategies for fee motions after Octane

    The Supreme Court created a new standard for when fees can be shifted in its Octane v Icon decision in April. Rudolph A Telscher and Kara R Fussner provide some tips on successfully arguing fee motions

  • Understanding open-source software – is it the end of proprietary software?

    The concept of open-source software (OSS) is to share the source code for free with future users. So what happens when companies use the free code of others to develop their own code? Scott Thiel explains what needs to be understood at the outset and how companies can adopt the right form of OSS licensing to protect intellectual property that results from a derivative work of OSS

  • Latest trends in Bolar exemption rules in Europe

    Late last year two national courts in the EU provided very different answers to questions about the scope of the Bolar exemption. Justyna Ostrowska and Dörthe Minde analyse the rulings and explain how the CJEU might approach the issues


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Slightly truncated today, but here's our weekly round up of IP news & developments feat. UK, Ireland & Singapore

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Re #AppSung settlement, what we really want to know is: what are all the patent lawyers working on the case going to do now?

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Friday reading: @FOSSpatents on the #appsung patent settlement & lessons learned #mipblog

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July/August 2014

IP’s most influential people 2014

The 50 people in social media, advocacy and debate influencing IP policy

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