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The Managing IP quiz of 2011

Win a free place at a Managing IP meeting of your choice in 2012 by answering our 20 questions on developments in the past year

How closely have you been following IP news this year? Test your knowledge with our 20 multiple-choice questions. All of the answers can be found by searching If you are not a subscriber, take a free trial for temporary access.

Plus: email your answers to Managing IP by January 6 to be entered into a draw to win a free place at a Managing IP event of your choice during 2012. Events are already confirmed for Beijing, Delhi, London and Washington DC.

Good luck!

1 Who was revealed this week to have an annual salary of $800,000?

A WIPO Director General Francis Gurry

B UK IP Minister Baroness Wilcox

C USPTO Director David Kappos

D ICANN President and CEO Rod Beckstrom

2 From November 1, which national patent office began to accept applications in English?

A China

B Finland

C Iraq

D Switzerland

3 Which brand owner has filed over 100 UDRP complaints at WIPO in 2011, making it the most prolific complainant this year?

A Google

B Hoffmann-La Roche

C Barclays

D Lego

4 Which law firm’s Chinese name translates as ‘flying scholars’?

A Allen & Overy

B Finnegan

C Orrick

D Rouse

5 Which of Managing IP’s 50 most influential people once featured in a comic book wearing a red cape and goggles?

A Cory Doctorow

B Sir James Dyson

C The Kaiser Chiefs

D Tian Lipu

6 In which UK case this year did Sir Robin Jacob sensationally admit to having been wrong?

A Dyson v Vax (designs and vacuum cleaners)

B Ranbaxy v Warner Lambert (patent for atorvastatin calcium)

C Vestergaard v Bestnet (trade secrets and mosquito nets)

D Virgin Atlantic Airways v Premium Aircraft Interiors (patents for aircraft seats)

7 Who was arrested this year on suspicion of corruption after authorities raided their flat and found $73,300 in cash, 3.8kg of gold ornaments and ownership documents for six other flats?

A A former WIPO official

B An Indian trade mark office member of staff

C A Chinese man convicted of counterfeiting Viagra

D The head of a European collecting society

8 Who held a barbecue for someone or some people who were having problems with IP law?

A Former partners of Howrey in Texas after the firm was dissolved in March

B Supporters of a Samoan player fined for wearing a branded mouthguard during the Rugby World Cup

C A group of South Africans supporting a tribe to protect its traditional knowledge in court

D South Koreans raising money for Samsung in its battle against Apple

9 How many .eu Europe domains did a Chinese cybersquatter register before a Brussels court ruled that they must be released for sale?

A 3,000

B 6,000

C 9,000

D 12,000

10 What was described by one IP lawyer as “utter twaddle” this year?

A An Australian report explaining that copyright infringement was all the fault of the owners not providing legal alternatives

B The section of the America Invents Act dealing with post-grant oppositions

C Righthaven’s legal arguments

D Proposals to fine those who repeatedly download infringing content in New Zealand

11 Which Icann board member said “every aspect has been examined six ways from Sunday” after the gTLD programme was approved in June?

A Bruce Tonkin

B Erika Mann

C Steve Crocker

D Mike Silber

12 Which lawyer led a well-known patent troll to victory in US Supreme Court in June, when the Court upheld a damages award of close to $300 million?

A Paul Clement

B Seth Waxman

C Richard Bress

D J Michael Jakes

13 What was the subject of the Court of Justice of the EU’s first Community design decision in October?

A An office chair with adjustable headrest

B A tablet computer with bevelled edges

C A disc used in children’s games

D A chocolate shaped like a rabbit

14 Who surprised the US IP community by linking patents directly to job growth in a January address?

A David Kappos

B Barack Obama

C Joe Biden

D Newt Gingrich

15 How many patent applications does China expect to receive annually by 2015, according to a SIPO statement in October?

A 250,000

B 500,000

C 750,000

D 1 million

16 It emerged this year that Apple had registered how many Community designs for smartphones in just one day?

A 7

B 43

C 97

D 312

17 What does the new US Register of Copyrights Maria Pallante (right) collect?

A Sugar sachets

B Dried beetles

C Classic computer games

D Rubber ducks

18 An Australian blogger used a brand’s trade mark next to pornographic images on his website, prompting a court order. Which brand was it?

A aussieBum

B Burberry

C Karen Millen

D Speedo

19 What key provision’s last minute removal almost resulted in US patent reform being blocked for a sixth year?

A The gatekeeper provision on damages in patent litigation

B Inequitable conduct language

C Language guaranteeing USPTO funds cannot be diverted to other agencies or held back

D A controversial amendment regarding patent term extension for pharmaceutical inventions

20 Which national IP office appointed a former brigadier general as its chief executive in June?

A France

B Guatemala

C Nigeria

D Singapore

Send your answers in an email (no attachments please) by January 6 2012. The editors’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Answers to the quiz, and the winner’s name, will be published in the week of January 9.

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