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Vivien Chan & Co: 2021 publications

Experts from Vivien Chan & Co report on significant developments from the IP world across China and the Asia-Pacific

Vivien Chan & Co. is a full-service law practice with offices in Hong Kong SAR (1985) and Beijing (1993). The firm is consistently recognised as a premier law firm for and in Greater China, and has over 30 years of knowledge of the legal culture and market dynamics.

The firm's lawyers produce regular publications for clients. These provide updates on significant changes and developments on the area of intellectual property law in China and the wider Asia-Pacific region.

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All-rounded protection strategy for your mobile apps in mainland China

Issue 07, 2021
Vivien Chan, Ken Hung

Since the rise of mobile commerce, sales and promotional campaigns are no longer confined to third party e-commerce and social media platforms, and to many brands, the new battlefield is now the brands’ mobile apps.  Mobile apps have nowadays gone beyond as platforms providing information on the brands and their products, but often as key tools to the brands’ loyalty programmes, online sales and interaction with customers.

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The must knows for conducting business as usual amid COVID-19

Issue 06, 2021
Vivien Chan, Patty Chan

Against the backdrop of COVID-19, social distancing is encouraged, and physical gatherings are being minimised. However, business has to keep going - documents have to get executed and meetings have to be held. Working from home has become a common arrangement. The article summarises what you need to know in order to keep the business running amid COVID-19 given the new norms of adopting virtual execution of documents, conducting virtual meetings and allowing employees to work from home.

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Hong Kong SAR patent protection: Why is significant to your business?

Issue 05, 2021
Vivien Chan, Owen Tse

For commercial reasons, many companies around the world in the recent decades have engaged factories in mainland China to manufacture their products. At the same time, it is also widely recognised that working factories in mainland China comes with a certain degree of risk that their products may be counterfeit or sold to third parties without authority. As such, companies nowadays are generally aware of the importance of securing patent rights in main in mainland China. However, companies often neglect securing their rights in Hong Kong SAR, which, for reasons stated in this article, shall always be considered.

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Toothless tiger no more: new rules on penalties in China's copyright law amendment

Issue 04, 2021
Vivien Chan, Anna Mae Koo

The new amendment to China's Copyright Law, which is slated to take effect on June 1 2021, would be the first substantive revision of the law in nearly two decades. These development are in line with recent legislative development to amplify deterrence against IP infringement in China.

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Roadmap to tackling cyber frauds and email scams in Hong Kong SAR

Issue 03, 2021
Vivien Chan, Owen Tse

Cyber frauds, in particular email scams, have become one of the most common forms of fraud perpetrated against individuals and organisations internationally with the rise of the digital economy and electronic communication. Fraudsters continue to find ways to hack into electronic communication systems and they would often impersonate a business partner or employee to deceive victims in remitting funds to bank accounts held by them.

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