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Kyle Bass’s success rate at the PTAB – an update

Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass has not gotten any holiday cheer from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, with two of his petitions challenging pharmaceutical patents denied this month. The Board has now ruled on 16 of his inter partes review petitions

December has not been kind to hedge fund manager Kyle Bass’s efforts to invalidate pharmaceutical patents through Patent Trial and Appeal Board proceedings. 

The Board this month has denied institution of two of his inter partes review petitions. Its decisions on December 8 and 17 both involved patents covering Pozen’s Vimovo arthritis pain treatment, which is marketed in the US by Horizon Pharma.

For those keeping score, the PTAB has now given an institution decision in 16 of the 33 petitions filed by the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, the coalition set up by Bass and Erich Spangenberg to attack pharma patents.

This means the board has now given an institution decision on almost half of the Coalition for Affordable Drugs petitions (see table below). 

Kyle BassBass’s success rate for institution now stands at 44%, with the PTAB instituting trial for seven IPRs and denying nine. This is down from the heady days of October, when Bass could boast a 54% rate of success after the Board had instituted seven of the 13 petitions it had decided up until then. 

The Board has denied three petitions in a row since then.

Bass will be hoping to break this losing streak next month when the Board is likely to give more decisions, including on two more IPRs challenging the Vimovo treatment. 

The PTAB has given decisions on all of Bass’s petitions filed until the end of June. Next up it must decide on the 12 petitions the Coalition filed in August and the five petitions filed in September.

Interestingly, Bass and Spangenberg in November also filed two petitions with just their two names listed, and no Coalition for Affordable Drugs. These petitions challenged patents owned by Alpex Pharma and Fresenius. 

The Coalition for Affordable Drugs' IPR petitions*
IPR numberDate filedLaw firm used by the CoalitionPatent numberPatent ownerDrug used inInstituted?
IPR2015-00720February 10Skiermont Puckett8,663,685Acorda TherapeuticsAmpyraNO
IPR2015-00817February 27Skiermont Puckett8,007,826Acorda TherapeuticsAmpyraNO
IPR2015-00988April 1Skiermont Puckett6,773,720Cosmo Technologies/Nogra Pharma/Shire Development/Shire Inc/Shire Pharmaceuticsl DevelopmentLialdaYES
IPR2015-00990April 1Merchant & Gould7,056,886NPS Pharmaceuticals/Shire North American GroupGattexYES
IPR2015-01018April 6Merchant & Gould7,895,059Jazz PharmaceuticalsXyremNO
IPR2015-01076April 20Merchant & Gould8,754,090PharmacyclicsImbruvicaNO
IPR2015-01086April 22Neifeld IP Law8,759,393Biogen InternationalTecfideraNO
IPR2015-01102April 23Skiermont Puckett6,315,720Celgene CorporationRevlimidYES
IPR2015-01096April 23Skiermont Puckett6,315,720Celgene CorporationRevlimidYES
IPR2015-01103April 23Skiermont Puckett6,315,720Celgene CorporationRevlimidYES
IPR2015-01092April 23Skiermont Puckett6,045,501Celgene CorporationPomalyst, Revlimid and ThalomidYES
IPR2015-01093April 23Merchant & Gould7,056,886NPS Pharmaceuticals/Shire North American GroupGattexYES (for some claims)
IPR2015-01136May 1Neifeld IP Law8,399,514Biogen MATecfideraNO
IPR2015-01169May 7Merchant & Gould5,635,517Celgene CorporationPomalysNO
IPR2015-01241May 21Conley Rose6,926,907Pozen (Horizon Pharma bought the rights to the drug in November 2013))VimovoNO
IPR2015-01344June 5Conley Rose8,858,996Horizon Pharma/PozenVimovoNO
IPR2015-01680August 7Conley Rose8,852,636Pozen (Horizon Pharma bought the rights to the drug in November 2013))Vimovo
IPR2015-01718August 12Conley Rose8,945,621Horizon Pharma/PozenVimovo
IPR2015-01723August 13Cunningham Swaim/Winstead6,967,208Bristol Myers Squibb PharmaEliquis
IPR2015-01776August 20Merchant & Gould 7,582,621Anacor/SandozKerydin
IPR2015-01785August 20Merchant & Gould7,767,657Anacor/SandozKerydin
IPR2015-01780August 20Merchant & Gould7,767,657Anacor/SandozKerydin
IPR2015-01792August 22Neifeld IP Law8,163,522Amgen/Hoffmann-La Roche/ImmunexEnbrel
IPR2015-01799August 24Law Offices of Gregory J Gonsalves/McNeeley Hare & War8,835,460Insys PharmaSubsys
IPR2015-01797August 24Law Offices of Gregory J Gonsalves/McNeeley Hare & War8,835,459Insys PharmaSubsys
IPR2015-01800August 24Law Offices of Gregory J Gonsalves/McNeeley Hare & War8,486,972Insys PharmaSubsys
IPR2015-01835August 28Law Offices of Gregory J Gonsalves/McNeeley Hare & War8,618,135Aegerion Pharmaceuticals/Trustees of The University of PennsylvaniaJuxtapid
IPR2015-01836August 28Law Offices of Gregory J Gonsalves/McNeeley Hare & War7,932,268Aegerion Pharmaceuticals/Trustees of The University of PennsylvaniaJuxtapid
IPR2015-01850September 2Skiermont Puckett8,440,703Acorda TherapeuticsAmpyra
IPR2015-01853September 2Skiermont Puckett8,007,826Acorda TherapeuticsAmpyra
IPR2015-01858September 3Skiermont Puckett8,354,437Acorda TherapeuticsAmpyra
IPR2015-01857September 3Skiermont Puckett8,663,685Acorda TherapeuticsAmpyra
IPR2015-01993September 28Neifeld IP Law8,399,514Biogen MATecfidera
All of the IPRs list the petitioners as the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, J Kyle Bass, Erich Spangenberg, Hayman Capital Management, various Hayman funds, IP Navigation Group, and nXn Partners
Source: Docket Navigator

IPR petitions filed listing only Kyle Bass and Erich Spangenberg
IPR numberDate filedLaw firm usedPatent numberPatent ownerDrug used in
IPR2016-00245November 24Law Offices of Gregory J Gonsalves/McNeeley Hare & War8,440,170Alpex PharmaSuprenza
IPR2016-00254November 25Law Offices of Gregory J Gonsalves/McNeeley Hare & War8,476,010Fresenius KabiDiprivan
Source: Docket Navigator

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