‘More than just a competition’ – a journey to fintech success with IPHatch
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‘More than just a competition’ – a journey to fintech success with IPHatch

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Managing IP learns how AREIX Analytics, a personal finance management company that develops robo-assistant services, has leveraged its success in the IPHatch competition, which connects technology start-ups with large multinationals

The importance of effective intellectual property (IP) management to technology start-ups has been established in an interview conducted by Managing IP with Jason Loh, the creator of the IPHatch programme and the founder and CEO of Piece Future, a private IP bank based in Singapore. In this article, Jason Chan, the founder and CEO of AREIX Analytics, explains how the mentoring and networking opportunities offered by IPHatch have helped to accelerate the fintech company’s growth.

Inaugurated in 2017, IPHatch is now run in nine countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong SAR, and the UK – through working with various government-related agencies. Hong Kong Trade Development Council has been co-organising IPHatch Hong Kong with Piece Future since 2018 and this year IPHatch Asia is housed in Hong Kong, aiming to attract tech start-ups from Asia to set up and utilise the city as a pivotal base for IP and tech commercialisation.

Managing IP: How has AREIX developed since winning the IPHatch Hong Kong 2020–21 competition?

Jason Chan: Since winning a Nokia patent from the IPHatch competition, AREIX has not only leveraged the awarded patent for a Proctor peer in structured peer-to-peer networks, but we have also embarked on innovative initiatives in the realm of web3 technology. One such initiative is Signal to Earn, which harnesses the ground technology of the patent to create a robust ecosystem for data sharing and model development.

With Signal to Earn, we have pioneered a platform that facilitates seamless collaboration among data providers, signal creators, and traders. This ecosystem empowers users to share data for rewards seamlessly, develop advanced trading models, and ultimately earn rewards for their contributions.

Jason Chan.png
Making a splash: Jason Chan, the founder and CEO of AREIX Analytics

By integrating the IPHatch patent into the Signal to Earn framework, AREIX has revolutionised the way data is curated, analysed, and utilised within the trading industry. This unique approach ensures that our users have access to high-quality, data-driven insights that drive their trading strategies and financial success.

Through our ongoing development efforts and the utilisation of web3 technologies, AREIX continues to pave our way in the fintech landscape. We remain committed to empowering individuals with the tools and resources they need to make informed financial decisions and thrive in an ever-changing market environment.

How was your experience as a part of the competition and what were your key takeaways?

IPHatch is more than just a competition, it is also a growing journey with an experienced mentor [Jason Loh, the creator of IPHatch].

Validation of AREIX technology

Winning the IPHatch competition has reinforced the strength and uniqueness of our patented technology. It served as a testament to the quality and potential impact of our solution in the fintech industry.

Recognition and credibility

The competition provides us with significant recognition and credibility among industry experts, investors, and potential partners. It helps to establish AREIX as a key player in the field of AI-driven financial technology.

Access to resources

Through IPHatch, we have gained access to a network of resources and expertise that are proving invaluable for further developing and refining our technology. The access to mentorship, guidance, and support has accelerated our growth and progress.

How has being the winning patent portfolio helped your business? Why is IP integral to AREIX’s success?

Differentiation and market positioning

The patented technology sets us apart from our competitors and makes us a leader in AI-driven fintech on providing trustworthy insights. It demonstrates our ability to develop unique and proprietary solutions that address critical challenges in the industry. This differentiation helps us attract customers, investors, and strategic partners who recognise the value of our IP.

Protection of innovations

The patent portfolio acts as a shield, protecting our innovative ideas, algorithms, and methodologies. This protection is vital in maintaining a competitive edge, ensuring that our innovations remain proprietary.

Future innovation and expansion

The winning patent portfolio acts as a foundation for our future innovation and expansion. It serves as a building block for developing new products, features, and services that leverage our existing technology. This enables us to continually enhance our offerings, adapt to evolving market needs, and stay at the forefront of the industry.

How have competition-related benefits such as mentorship and networking helped you on your journey?


The competition has provided us with access to experienced mentors who always offer guidance, advice, and industry expertise. The mentorship programme allows us to tap into the knowledge and insights of seasoned professionals who have successfully navigated the challenges of the fintech industry. Their mentorship has helped us refine our business strategies, fine-tune our product offerings, and make informed decisions along the way.


Participating in the competition has exposed us to a diverse network of professionals, industry experts, and other fellow winners. This networking allows us to establish valuable connections and build relationships with key stakeholders in the fintech ecosystem.

Feedback and learning

Participating in the competition provided us with valuable feedback and learning opportunities. The judging panel and industry experts provided constructive feedback on our business model, technology, and presentation, and helped us identify areas for improvement. This feedback-oriented approach allows us to iterate and refine our ideas, leading to continuous learning and growth.

What advice would you give to fellow SMEs/start-ups that want to join the competition?

Be prepared and research thoroughly

Take the time to understand the patent portfolios from the competition website and the patent documentation being listed online. Brainstorm and evaluate how you would adopt this technology into your business and how it would help your business. This will help you tailor your proposal and presentation, and, most importantly, get a patent that truly helps your business.

Highlight your unique value proposition

Clearly articulate your unique value proposition and what sets your business apart from others. Showcase how your innovation or solution addresses a specific problem, or meets a market need, and create values for customers. Emphasise the potential impacts and benefits of your product or service, and the role of the patent in this value creation process.

Focus on execution and scalability

Demonstrate your ability to execute your business plan and scale your operations to capture a larger market share, and the future plan of product development.

Communicate your passion and vision

Clearly communicate your enthusiasm for your project and your long-term vision for its impact. Show that you have a deep understanding of the market and a roadmap for success.

What are the key challenges for technology start-ups in Hong Kong SAR?

Talent acquisition and retention

Hiring and retaining skilled tech talent is a significant challenge in Hong Kong. The demand for tech professionals often exceeds the supply, leading to intense competition for qualified individuals, especially in emerging technology areas such as AI and blockchain.

Limited market size

Hong Kong has a relatively small domestic market compared to other regions. Start-ups face challenges in achieving rapid scale and growth within the local market alone. Expansion into international markets becomes crucial for sustainable growth, requiring additional resources and strategies to penetrate global markets.

What are the next steps for your company?

Product expansion

We are focused on further developing and enhancing our AI-driven fintech products and services. We will continue to invest in R&D to provide innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. This includes expanding our platform's capabilities, enriching our trading models portfolio, enlarging our on-chain tracking coverage, and incorporating cutting-edge technologies like web3 intelligence.

Market expansion

We have ambitious plans to expand our market reach both domestically and internationally. We aim to establish strategic partnerships and collaborations to enter new markets and broaden our customer base. By leveraging our technology and expertise, we seek to empower more individuals and businesses with the tools and knowledge to make informed financial decisions.

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