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IPO releases lists of top organisations and universities granted US patents

Michael Loney

The Intellectual Property Owners Association has revealed the top organisations and universities receiving US patents in 2014

The Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) recently released its list of the Top 300 Organisations Granted US Patents in 2014. It is the 32nd year the association has compiled the list.

The top four organisations remain the same, with IBM, Samsung, Canon and Sony keeping the top four spots. The top three organisations all posted increases in their number of patents granted in 2014 over the previous year, while Sony’s patents granted fell 3.1% to 3,214.

Microsoft, whose number of patents increased 6% over the previous year to 2,983, replaced LG at fifth spot. LG fell to 11th spot, with a 32% drop in patents granted to 2,119. Google posted a 31.6% increase in patents granted to move up to sixth post from 10th. Qualcomm posted a 24% increase to move up to eighth from 11th.

IPO is at pains to stress it does not attempt to answer the question of whether more patents are better. Patents granted to parent and subsidiary companies are combined in many instances.

The top 10 organisations are below.

The top 10 organisations granted US patents in 2014
Rank Organisation 2014 patents Percent change from 2013
1 International Business Machines 7,481 10.2
2 Samsung Electronics Co 4,936 6.1
3 Canon 4,172 6.5
4 Sony 3,214 -3.1
5 Microsoft 2,983 6.0
6 Google 2,881 31.6
7 Toshiba 2,850 6.4
8 Qualcomm 2,706 24.0
9 Panasonic 2,394 -9.6
10 General Electric 2,293 9.9
Source: Top 300 Organisations Granted US Patents in 2014

IPO, in collaboration with the National Academy of Inventors, also released a list of the Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted US Utility Patents in 2014. The University of California was easily in top spot, with 453 patents. It was followed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with 275, and Tsinghua University, with 230.

The top 10 universities are below. 

The top 10 worldwide universities granted US utilities patents 2014
Rank University Patents
1 University of California, The Regents Of 453
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 275
3 Tsinghua University 230
4 Stanford University 182
5 University of Texas 174
6 California Institute of Technology 172
7 Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation 153
8 John Hopkins University 140
9 Columbia University 119
10 University of Michigan 118
Source: Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted US Utility Patents in 2014


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