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MIP Global IP & Innovation Summit 2019 |  全球知识产权及创新峰会

June 26 |  2019年6月26号
Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre | 上海雅居乐万豪酒店

Overview 概述

As IP activity in China grows, it is inevitable that there will be challenges and issues raised amongst the IP community. At MIP’s Global IP & Innovation Summit delegates heard from leading practitioners  discussing innovative strategies to combat the risks of IP protection. 

The one day bilingual event provided a complete overview of IP issues and dived deep into ways to enhance IP portfolio's across multiple jurisdictions as well as delivering a variety of perspectives and valuable knowledge from leading legal experts.

随着中国知识产权活动的不断增多,这将不可避免的给知识产权领域带来一系列的 挑战和问题。在本年度MIP全球知识产权及创新峰会上,知识产权领域的顶尖从业 者们将探讨如何应用创新战略化解知识产权保护风险。

本年度为期一天的双语峰会旨在提供一个全面的知识产权问题概述。同时聚集各资 深法律专家各 抒己见,并提供相关的专业知识,深入解析涵盖多个司法管辖区的知识产权组合的 完善方法。

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Delegates were able to:

  • Assess and analyse the developments of the legislations to prepare your IP portfolio for the upcoming years
  • Find out how the amendments to the patent law in China will affect your portfolio and how you can take advantage
  • Debate the China-US trade war implications and hear trade secret strategies
  • Discuss blockchain’s rise in the IP world and how you can protect your assets using it
  • Hear how to navigate the online realm with the rapid increase of counterfeits using social media


  • 评估和分析知识产权立法最新进展,以便在未来几年准备好知识产权组合
  • 了解中国专利法修正案将如何影响知识产权组合,以及如何利用最新专利法
  • 探讨中美贸易战的影响,商业机密战略
  • 讨论区块链在知识产权界的崛起,以及如何利用区块链保护自己的资产在仿冒品借助社交媒体快速增长的背景下,您将如何在网络环境中前行

Who attended?  与会人员

  • IP in-house counsel 企业内部知识产权法务顾问
  • Patent counsel 专利顾问
  • General counsel 法律顾问
  • Heads/Directors of IP 知识产权部门经理
  • Heads of legal 法律部门经理
  • Trademark counsel 商标顾问
  • Private practice lawyers 私人执业律师

Kevin Pragas
+44 207 779 8938 

Melody Mok
+852 2842 6992

Melanie Petch
+44 207 779 8836

Sponsors 赞助商

Association partners 合作伙伴

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