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MIP Global IP & Innovation Summit - Agenda


September 4-5, 2013 - Renaissance Zhongshan Park Hotel, Shanghai
2013 9 4 5 | 上海龙之梦万丽酒店 

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7.30 Registration and coffee

8.00 Opening remarks: Emma Barraclough, group editor, Managing IP

8.25 Keynote address: Teresa Stanek Rea, Acting Undersecreatary, USPTO

8.40 Latest legislative updates of China's Patent Law amendmen

  • An overview of the amendments: Have we seen a revision of all major IP statutes in China?
  • What are SIPO's ambitions?
  • What implications will the amendments have for foreign and domestic corporate patent practice in China

Quinghong Xu, partner, Lung Tin
Paul Zhang, deputy director of IP and competition research centre, Tongji IP Institute
Zheng Fan, deputy general manager, Shanghai Patent & Trademark Law Office

9.40 Industry Focus: High tech, electronics and software patenting outside of China

  • An overview of the past 12 months in high tech industries and the wars: Impact on Chinese companies
  • How will the industry be affected by European reforms and how should we mitigate against any new risks?
  • Smartphone wars and cross-jurisdictional divides

Ningling Wang, managing partner, Finnegan Shanghai Office
Shaobin Zhu, associate, Finnegan

10.40 Coffee

10.55 Patent litigation across the globe: recent developments and practical strategies

  •  Recent developments in and unique characteristics of patent litigation in the U.S., Europe, and China
  • Litigation strategies and practical guidance for Chinese companies involved in patent disputes in Europe, including the impact of the upcoming Unified Patent Court system
  • U.S. patent and litigation strategies, including disputes involving multiple jurisdictions such as the EU and/or China
  • A comparison of Chinese patent litigation with litigation in Europe and the U.S.

Dr. Song Zhu, partner, Hogan Lovells
Paul Brown, partner, Hogan Lovells
Skip Fisher, partner, Hogan Lovells
Vince Wang, senior director of legal department, HTC

12.25 Lunch

13:10 India focus

  • Recent trends in Indian patent litigation: Pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and beyond
  • How does he procedure for filing patent infringement actions work?

Archana Shanker, senior partner, Anand & Anand

14.10 Legislative changes to the trademark law in China

  • An outline of recent legislative amendments
  • Impact of proposed amendment to the PRC trademark law upon registry and enforcement strategies
  • Some illustrative examples

Cindy Zhen, IP counsel, North Asia, DIAGEO
Jack Chang, senior IP counsel, GE
Joseph Simone, director and founder, SIPS
Jan Wei, senior consultant, IntellecPro SIPS Division

15.10  Preparing for the new online landscape

  • Launch timeline for the Chinese Top Level Domains
  • What are the submission process, requirement and cost for the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)?
  • How enforceable are IP in the new domain structure? What is the best practice under the new structure?

Alban Kwan, New gTLD manager, Asia Pacific at Corporation Service Company
Joe Thymian, regional director, APAC at Corporation Service Company

15.55 Coffee

16.10 Cultivating a culture of trade secret protection to promote innovation in China

  • Trade secret and IP leakage prevention as part of your company’s broader strategy and standard operating practices
  • What are the current barriers to trade secret protection for businesses and how can they be overcome?
  • Tips on how to outsource safely, securely and efficiently- How to utilize Chinese contract laws
  • Externalised R&D and tech transfer: Promote development; prevent theft

Jeff Lindsay, head of IP, Asia Pulp and Paper
Wil Rao, partner, McAndrews
Esther Lim, partner, Finnegan

16.55 US Round table: Best practice post AIA, the Myriad and Prometheus rulings

  • How has the patent reforms in the AIA addressed the problem of pendency?
  • How has the AIA addressed the very high cost of enforcement?
  • What are the significant implications of the Prometheus and Myriad rulings?
  • Over-all reflections on filing patents in the US today

Campbell Chiang, patent counsel, Qualcomm
Wil Rao, partner, McAndrews
Anthony Sammi, partner, Skadden

17.55  Cocktail reception introduced and sponsored by: Bob Youill, Managing Director – Shanghai, FTI Consulting


8.00 Registration and coffee

8.30 Opening remarks by chair: Emma Barraclough, group editor, Managing IP

8.35 Keynote address: Guoqiang Lv, Head of Shanghai IP Administration 

9.00 Monetize your IP portfolio to optimum effect

  • How to promote IP commercialization using online financing sources
  • IP monetization and the online marketplace
  • What is needed in order to effectively build and maintain a thriving
    profit centre?
  • Transactional matters and IP management

Hidero Niioka, CEO, IPEXC
Jim Brelsford, partner, Skadden
Tom Carver, director of China office, Wragge & Co

10.00 Innovation: The impact of anti-trust and IP laws around the world

  • The impact of China’s Anti-trust laws on IP and licensing
  • When is IP protection anti-competitive and when is it not?
  • Will China move towards FRAND? How would this be implemented?
  • Huawei v. ZTE: the impact on standard essential patents in Europe
  • Defensive strategies against asserted standard essential patents

Alvin Shen, IPR director, ZTE Corp
Skip Fisher, partner, Hogan Lovells
Adrian Emch, partner, Hogan Lovells
Dr. Martin Chakraborty, partner, Hogan Lovells

11.00 Coffee

11.20 Industry Focus: Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences in Asia, Europe and the US

  • General overview and recent developments of IP protection in the pharmaceuticals and biotech industries
  • Key points pertaining to AIA and the recent Myriad decision: What will the implications be?
  • China’s patent practice in the biotech industry: Invalidation before SIPO and comparative debate

Claudio Germinaro, partner, Società Italiana Brevetti SpA
Richard Oldroyd, partner, Elkington and Fife LLP

11.50 Southeast Asia focus

  • Patent Term Extensions for pharmaceutical Patents in South-East Asia
  • An over view of supplementary protection certificates
  • A comparative discussion on SPC's in Singapore, Japan and South Korea as well as in US and Europe

Dr Matthias Stolmár, founding partner, Stolmár & Partner12.50 Lunch

13.30 Europe: The Unified Patent Court explained in detail

  • A brief overview of the divisions and structures
  • A practical guide to making best use of the courts and mitigating costs
  • A clearer procedural picture: From starting proceedings through to trial
  • Strategising in advance: Advice on when to opt in and when to opt out

Niklas Mattsson, partner, Awapatent

14.30 The pharmaceutical patent review in Australia

  • An overview of the review and its background
  • Where has the panel got to and what will be the likely outcomes?
  • How should foreign companies prepare for expected changes?
  • Post- Raising the bar: The changes which are having the most impact on practice

Damian Slizys, registered patent attorney, Free hills Patent Attorneys

15.00 Licensing: Best practices

  • Lessons learnt from US’s licensing and technology transferring office
  • Tips for writing and negotiating good licenses and how to pre-empt and prevent post licensing disputes
  • Utilizing patent pools and standards setting

Ruiling Hou, Asia Pacific Manager, Questel
Simon Choi, head of legal, TCL Multimedia
Troy Rice, director, SIPS

16.00 Coffee

16.20 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals in Canada - Maximizing Protection and Keys to Enforcement

  • Canada's Linkage Regulations for Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Inventions (the "Patented Medicines (Notice of Compliance) Regulations")

           a) Patent Prosecution Strategies

           b) Litigation Overview

  • Data Protection for Pharmaceuticals

           a) Current Regulatory Framework

           b) Proposed Regulatory Framework for Orphan Drugs

  • Pricing of Patented Medicines in Canada

           a) Patented Medicine Prices Review Board

James Pan, partner, Smart & Biggar
Daphne Lainson, partner, Smart & Biggar

17.05 Copyright management in the digital age

  • Comparative case law in a ‘global village’
  • Utilise social media whilst ensuring proper protection of your IP
  • How to secure copyright enforcement when using microblogs for marketing

Steven Lin, IP manager, Shanda Interactive Entertainment
Zhang Weijun, professor, Tongji IP institute
Judge Guoquan Li, deputy chief judge of the IP Division of Shanghai No.2 Intermediate Court

17.45 End of conference


7.30 登记签到

8.20 开幕辞 : 贝艾玛 , 团队总编辑 ,《知识产权管理》

8.25 开幕致辞: Teresa Stanek Rea, 美国专利商标局代局长


  • 中国最新立法修订概览: 该修订是否针对所有类别的知识产权立法?
  • 中国知识产权局具有怎样的决心?
  • 立法修订后对在中国的本国及海外知识产权权利人有怎样的影响?

9.40 行业聚焦: 高新技术, 电子及软件行业的海外专利近况

  • 过去一年中海外的高科技产业专利之争—— 以及对中国的企业的影响
  • 欧洲的专利制度改革后对这些产业的影响及中国企业应如何应对可能出现的新风险?
  • 各国的智能手机战分析及回顾

10.40 小息及茶点

10.55 全球专利诉讼最新动及实用战略

  • 在美国、欧洲及中国专利诉讼的特点及最新动态
  • 中国企业在欧洲及未来的统一专利体系下的欧洲的应采取怎样的专利诉讼策略
  • 在美国专利诉讼策略
  • 中国企业专利诉讼案件在欧洲和在美国案件的比较

12.25 午餐

13.10 聚焦印度

  • 近期印度专利诉讼案: 制药行业、通讯及其他行业
  • 在进行侵权诉讼过程中, 每一个步骤应该如何使用, 有什么作用?

14.10 中国的商标法的立法最新状况

  • 中国商标法立法的最新概况
  • 商标法修订意见对商标注册及执法阶段将有何影响 ?
  • 案例分析

15.10 通用顶级域名:保护你的互联网知识产权

  • 最新国际通用顶级域名的最新行业动态
  • 在中国顶级域名的推出时间计划
  • 商标信息交换机构 (TMCH) 服务提供商申请的流程是怎样的,申请的要求及开支是多少
  • 在新的系统下如何保护自己的知识产区啊?优秀案例介绍

15.55 小息及茶点

16.10 培育保护商业秘密氛围 , 推进中国技术创新

  • 如何将商业秘密保护及防止知识产权内容外泄纳入企业的商业战略之一? 标准的保护措施有哪些?
  • 现今保护商业秘密的障碍是什么, 有什么办法解决?
  • 外包技术过程中如何有效地保护商业秘密 —— 如何利用中国的合同法来保住自己
  • 研发技术外包后和技术转移过程中, 如何促进技术发展, 防止技术盗窃

16.55 圆桌讨论:新发明法案推出后及美国Myriad基因案件、罗米修斯实验室(Prometheus Laboratories)案件之后发明应对方法

  • 新发明法中的专利改革如何解决待审期问题
  • 新发明法如何处理之行的高昂费用
  • 美国Myriad基因案件、罗米修斯实验室(Prometheus Laboratories)案件对行业的影响
  • 现今在美国申请专利的总体情况

17.55  酒会:赞助及致辞——姚思义, FTI Consulting 上海董事总经理


8.00 登记签到

8.30 开幕辞:贝艾玛, 团队总编辑,《知识产权管理》

8.35 开幕致辞: 吕国强,上海知识产权局局长

9.00 如何商业化、货币化您的知识产权组合, 使其价值最大化

  • 在网络金融时代,如何促进知识产权商业化
  • 如何利用网上平台将知识产权资产货币化?
  • 要将知识产权组合作为企业的长期盈利点, 企业需要规划哪些?
  • 在跨境业务中,会出现那些管理知识产权相关的问题?该如何解决?

10.00 各地反垄断法案及专利法案对企业的影响

  • 中国反垄断法对知识产权许可业务等的影响
  • 怎样的知识产权保护行为是垄断性的、反竞争性质的
  • 中国会不会接纳国际的FRAND (公平合理的非歧视)原则?该怎样实践?
  • 华为中兴专利战:看欧洲的标准关键专利
  • 针对企业的标准专利保护,该如何应对防御10.00 专利诉讼:中国企业在美国及欧洲市场专利诉讼胜诉战略

11.00 小息及茶点

11.20 产业聚焦:在亚洲、欧洲及美国的制药行业及生物科学行业

  • 近期在医疗制药及生物工程产业的知识产权保护的现况
  • 同美国发明法案最新变化相关的几点,以及同马德里公约相关的新变化
  • 中国:生物制药专利在知识产权局被认定失效后各种争辩

11.50 聚焦东南亚

  • 东南亚各国制药行业的专利延期如何使用
  • 当地的补充保护条例如何使用
  • 补充保护条例在新加坡,日本,韩国及美国欧洲使用状况

12.50 午餐

13.30 欧洲:统一专利体系的细节解释

  • 简单介绍欧洲统一专利法院体系的主要部门及结构
  • 依靠法院、节省开支的实用建议
  • 在该体系中法庭程序的介绍
  • 提早在欧洲战略布局:何时加入该体系及何时推出该体系

14.30 澳大利亚的制药行业专利立法更新

  • 立法更新的背景、概况
  • 陪审小组的会怎样决议以及可能的结果是什么?
  • 外国企业应如何应对澳大利亚对制药专利行业可能的立法改变
  • 提升标准后哪些改变将带来最大的影响

15.00 专利授权之最佳案例

  • 向发达国家(美国)之专利授权及技术转移中心学习
  • 专利授权的谈判技巧及撰写技巧,即如何预防授权后争端
  • 合理利用专利池机制及专利标准设置

16.00 小息及茶点

16.20 中国和加拿大之专利申请步骤比较

  • 加快专利申请速度的方法 : 专利申请高速公路PPH等方法
  • 诚信义务:申请时候对相关现有技术的资料递交的要求
  • 专利申请过程中的调整
  • 申请要求中对专利的新颖性和非显而易见性的要求

17.05 网络时代的版权和品牌保护

  • 各国相关普通法比较
  • 如何在使用社交网络的同时保护您的知识产权
  • 用新版商标法解决诚信不良问题
  • 在微博盛行时代如何保护自己版权

17.45 会议闭幕致闭幕辞


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