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  • How to patent a Christmas tree

    December 22, 2011

    You knew it was coming. The festive story on Christmas patents. Although the overlap with drag racing and oil exploration is perhaps a little more surprising

  • EU patent agreement postponed until next year

    December 21, 2011

    There will be no EU patent deal this year. But agreement on the package comprising two regulations and an international agreement could be reached under the Danish presidency in the first half of 2012

  • Ten patent trends for 2012

    December 21, 2011

    From the launch of new courts to controversial cases, blockbuster drugs to smartphone wars, what does 2012 have in store for patent professionals?

  • IP filings surge ahead of economic growth

    December 20, 2011

    Patent and trade mark filings rose 7.2% and 11.8% respectively in 2010, far ahead of global GDP growth at 5.1%, according to WIPO’s annual statistics report

  • China moves from quantity to quality patents

    December 20, 2011

    While brand owners have made only limited progress in combating counterfeiting in China in the 10 years since it joined the WTO, the improvement for patent owners – both domestic and foreign – has been remarkable

  • HTC wins 3-1 in battle against Apple at the ITC

    December 20, 2011

    HTC is likely to have to adapt its smartphones for sale in the US, after the US International Trade Commission found that it infringed two claims of a patent owned by rival Apple

  • Oil service companies settle UK Supreme Court case

    December 16, 2011

    Schlumberger and EMGS have agreed a cross-licensing agreement over geological surveying patents, rather than have their case heard by the UK Supreme Court in February

  • The Managing IP quiz of 2011

    December 15, 2011

    Win a free place at a Managing IP meeting of your choice in 2012 by answering our 20 questions on developments in the past year

  • Don’t split India’s IP offices, say practitioners

    December 15, 2011

    A proposal to split India’s patent and trade mark agencies has been opposed by many practitioners, instead recommending a unified agency with greater financial autonomy and more examiners

  • Interview: Gerard Pannekoek, CEO of the first IP exchange

    December 15, 2011

    The world’s first IP exchange, based in Chicago, is set to launch next year. Eileen McDermott asked its CEO Gerard Pannekoek how it will work

  • Interview: Cecilia Wikström MEP on the EU’s patent package

    December 14, 2011

    With the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee set to discuss the unitary patent package next week, Emma Barraclough speaks to MEP Cecilia Wikström

  • Interview: Singapore’s licensing leader

    December 14, 2011

    Peter Ollier interviews Suresh Sachi, general counsel of A*Star, Singapore’s government research agency, about structuring an in-house team, the art of deal making and the city state’s drive to become an IP hub

  • Will the Supreme Court rule on gene patents?

    December 12, 2011

    The Association for Molecular Pathology has asked the US Supreme Court to consider whether isolated DNA sequences are patentable under US law

  • EPO prepares to publish stem cell patent guidelines

    December 12, 2011

    Patent attorneys and IP owners who want protection for their stem cell research will soon get new guidance from the European Patent Office about what is, and is not, patentable

  • Reaction: what the Supreme Court’s questions mean for Prometheus

    December 12, 2011

    The questions asked by the Supreme Court last week in Mayo v Prometheus have led to speculation that the justices might disagree with the Federal Circuit’s application of last year’s ruling in Bilski v Kappos to this case

  • Breaking news: Australians to get Galaxy 10.1 for Christmas

    December 09, 2011

    Australian shoppers can now buy Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 tablet computer, after the High Court turned down Apple’s request to appeal a lower court decision refusing a temporary injunction

  • UK IPO: meet our new man in Beijing

    December 08, 2011

    Rumours that the two giant pandas that arrived in the UK this week were in exchange for an IP attaché appear to be unfounded. Either way, Britain has its first IP rep abroad

  • Merck wins ruling on negative SPCs in Europe

    December 08, 2011

    The Court of Justice of the EU has ruled that member states can grant negative supplementary protection certificates (SPCs), which will help pharma companies win six-month research extensions

  • Why the patent box may not attract investment to UK

    December 08, 2011

    This week long-awaited proposals for a patent box in the UK were released. But despite some optimism, fears remain that it is too narrow and complex to achieve its aims

  • Commission readies to overhaul enforcement rules

    December 08, 2011

    The European Commission is to hold a second hearing for rights holders and users before it reveals its proposals to update the rules on enforcement

  • Dyson’s China claims questioned

    December 08, 2011

    UK inventor and entrepreneur James Dyson claimed this week that China favours local companies when it grants patents, issuing them with IP rights up to five times faster than foreign applicants. But is he right?

  • Analysis: the Prometheus hypotheticals

    December 08, 2011

    During the oral argument in Mayo v Prometheus on Wednesday, the justices asked a series of hypothetical questions in an attempt to illustrate the complexities of each side’s proposed view of the proper test for patent eligibility

  • Breyer pushes for clearer 101 test for diagnostic methods

    December 08, 2011

    Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer, author of the well-known dissent in LabCorp v Metabolite expressing scepticism over the patent eligibility of diagnostic method claims, pressed the parties in Mayo v Prometheus today to better explain how the Court should determine when a law of nature has been sufficiently applied to make it patentable

  • It’s now or never for EU patent reform - Commission

    December 07, 2011

    If EU member states ever want to get a deal on the patent reform package they need to put their negotiating cards on the table, a senior Commission official said today

  • No injunction for Apple - but Samsung’s not safe yet

    December 07, 2011

    A judge in California has denied Apple’s request for a preliminary injunction, delivering another blow to the company in its global smartphone battle with rival Samsung

  • EU agreement held up over seat of court

    December 06, 2011

    EU ministers came close to agreeing a full package of patent reforms last night – but not close enough. The main hurdle that remains to be crossed is the location of the central division of the proposed unified patent court

  • UK unveils draft legislation on patent box

    December 06, 2011

    The UK Treasury today released draft legislation on the creation of a patent box for intellectual property (IP) management.

  • Timeline: Caraco v Novo Nordisk

    December 05, 2011

    Below, Managing IP provides a timeline of the battle between generic drug manufacturer Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Prandin manufacturer Novo Nordisk, which was argued at the Supreme Court today

  • Case report: Supreme Court hears generics battle against brands

    December 05, 2011

    The US Supreme Court today considered arguments in a debate that promises to provide guidance on what role regulatory agencies can be expected to play in patent decisions, and how patent attorneys should interact with such agencies

  • Ministers close to EU patent deal

    December 05, 2011

    European ministers meeting in Brussels could reach agreement on the elements of a patent reform package by the end of today

  • Critics round on EU litigation proposal

    December 02, 2011

    The latest plans to create a pan-European court for patent disputes fail to address the fundamental concerns of users of the patent system

  • Preview: crunch time for EU patent reform

    December 02, 2011

    EU ministers will meet next week to discuss details of the proposed European unified patent court, after the Council presidency and European Parliament agreed a deal yesterday

  • Pfizer’s arrival at patent cliff elicits concern from Congress

    December 01, 2011

    Pfizer yesterday became the latest major pharmaceutical manufacturer to see a leading drug patent expire with the introduction of generic versions of Lipitor - and now the company’s strategy for coping with the revenue loss has raised eyebrows in Congress

  • Exclusive: EC changes endanger patent progress

    December 01, 2011

    As discussions over patent and trade reforms in Europe reach a critical stage, the departure of key staff could cause more delays

  • Analysis: What next for business method applicants in Canada?

    December 01, 2011

    After last week’s Federal Court of Appeal ruling confirming that business methods are not explicitly barred from patentability in Canada, applicants have two options

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