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Google AdWords

  • Google’s AdWords programme ruled “misleading”

    April 04, 2012

    An Australian appeal court has ruled that Google’s AdWord programme misleads and deceives consumers and ordered the company to change its system

  • Competition watchdog loses Google keyword case down under

    September 27, 2011

    An Australian court has found that Google’s keyword advertising policy does not constitute misleading or deceptive conduct, in one of the first cases to look at this controversial issue from a fair trading perspective

  • Analysis: The adwords questions that remain unanswered

    September 27, 2011

    Nick Rose and Rebecca Pakenham-Walsh of Field Fisher Waterhouse consider some of the more ambiguous aspects of the Court of Justice’s ruling in the Interflora case

  • Court of Justice reassures Marks & Spencer in AdWords case

    September 22, 2011

    Marks & Spencer may be allowed to use the Interflora mark as a search engine keyword

  • Analysis: What the Interflora case means for you

    September 27, 2011

    Alasdair Poore and Richard Plaistowe of Mills & Reeve explain what businesses need to know about their keyword advertising strategies in the wake of the Court of Justice’s ruling in the Interflora case

  • Interflora opinion gives brand owners keyword hope

    March 25, 2011

    The Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the EU has suggested that keywords used in online advertisements can infringe trade marks in certain specific circumstances

  • TM abuse in keywords different to domains

    March 10, 2011

    The so-called internet troika test for determining trade mark infringement in domain names is a “poor fit” for infringement in keyword registrations, according to the Ninth Circuit

  • Industry backs Rosetta Stone in Google AdWords appeal

    November 10, 2010

    Trade mark owners and advocates had their say last week in Rosetta Stone’s appeal seeking to prove that Google’s AdWords programme infringed its trade marks

  • The Rosetta Stone case in briefs

    November 10, 2010

    Below, Managing IP highlights relevant excerpts from the briefs that have been filed so far in Rosetta Stone v Google

  • Google’s new AdWords policy explained

    September 15, 2010

    Google’s new European AdWords policy, effective from yesterday, implements two clear principles that emerged from recent Court of Justice case law, a lawyer for the company said today

  • Opinion: How will Google tell I’m confused?

    August 06, 2010

    Google’s amendment of its trade mark policy in Europe will create disagreement over when competitors’ adverts are misleading, argues Simon Chapman of Lewis Silkin

  • Google extends keyword policy to Europe

    August 04, 2010

    Recent decisions by Europe’s highest court have emboldened Google to allow companies to use competitors’ trade marks as keywords in Europe

  • France’s top court rules in Google AdWords case

    July 23, 2010

    The high-profile battle between Google and Louis Vuitton over the use of keyword advertising is not yet over, after France’s highest court sent the dispute back to the Paris Court of Appeals

  • Portakabin case leaves national courts to decide user confusion

    July 09, 2010

    Yesterday’s decision by Europe’s highest court has left open the question of how national courts will interpret an internet user’s confusion about where a Google AdWords advertisement originates, according to European practitioners

  • CJ sets outs AdWords defence in Portakabin case

    July 09, 2010

    Europe’s highest court has struck another blow for advertisers in its latest decision concerning trade mark infringement in Google’s AdWords programme

  • Now Twitter threatens keyword battle

    April 14, 2010

    Twitter’s new Promoted Tweets programme could raise similar trade mark problems to Google’s AdWords. But how should brand owners respond?

  • What the Google AdWords case means for IP owners

    April 01, 2010

    Seven years after LVMH sued Google over its AdWords programme, Europe’s top court has ruled that the search engine is not liable under EU trade mark law. But that’s far from the end of the story

  • Europe’s top court highlights advertising dangers

    March 29, 2010

    In the second ruling on the legality of Google’s AdWords programme in less than a week, Europe’s top court has again highlighted how advertisers might be held liable for trade mark infringement

  • Why the AdWords controversy is more muted in the US

    March 25, 2010

    Although the question of Google’s liability for trade mark infringement has not been addressed by the country’s top court, most lawyers agree that the law in the US is settled

  • Advertisers beware Google ruling

    March 25, 2010

    Companies that advertise on Google using the search engine’s AdWords programme need to take a careful look at how their adverts will be assessed by consumers, lawyers have warned

  • Questions remain over Google’s liability

    March 25, 2010

    In a robust statement issued after Tuesday’s decision on the legality of its AdWords programme, Google claimed that the Court of Justice has cleared it of liability for trade mark infringement. Not all lawyers agree

  • Keyword disputes go global

    March 25, 2010

    While many trade mark practitioners have focused their attention on keyword advertising litigation in the US and EU, disputes have also made their way to courts in China, India, Japan and Argentina

  • Google claims AdWords victory but advertisers could be liable

    March 23, 2010

    Google has won a key legal battle over its AdWords programme after Europe’s top court said that the search engine had not breached EU trade mark law by allowing advertisers to bid on keywords trademarked by third parties

  • Keyword decisions: two down, three to go

    March 23, 2010

    Tuesday’s ruling from Europe’s highest court is the first of five decisions due from the Court of Justice of the EU relating to the legality of Google’s AdWords programme, with the second following just two days later

  • Europe’s top court set to rule on AdWords

    March 22, 2010

    Brand owners are awaiting a ruling from Europe’s top court that could reshape how they control the use of their trade marks on the internet

  • Rescuecom drops US AdWords case

    March 08, 2010

    One of the most closely watched cases in the US relating to the use of Google’s AdWords has settled out of court

  • Setback for Google over adwords in India

    September 25, 2009

    Google has lost the first round of a fight over adwords in India after a court sided with a trade mark owner by granting them a preliminary injunction

  • Google wins round one of ECJ adwords case

    September 22, 2009

    The advocate general at Europe’s highest court has backed Google’s decision to sell adwords that use third party trade marks

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