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Golan v Holder

  • US Supreme Court: copyright can apply to the public domain

    January 19, 2012

    A group of orchestra conductors, teachers, performers, film archivists and distributors has failed to convince the Supreme Court that Congress does not have authority to restore copyright protection to foreign works that have fallen into the public domain

  • Court analysis – Copyleft takes a step forward

    October 07, 2011

    Regardless of the outcome, the case of Golan v Holder could be a win for the copyleft movement, which argues that copyright protection favours traditional rights holders more than users.

  • Background: Golan v Holder tests copyright’s limits

    October 07, 2011

    The US Supreme Court has begun hearing a case that tests whether Congress has the power to confer copyright on works that are in the public domain

  • US Supreme Court to decide public domain dispute

    March 10, 2011

    The Supreme Court has agreed to decide a decade-long battle over whether Congress can restore copyright to works in the public domain

  • Golan v Holder: the facts

    March 09, 2011

    The Supreme Court this week agreed to hear a copyright case that raises questions of free speech and Congressional jurisdiction over works in the public domain. Below are the essential details of the case

  • The great copyright debate

    March 01, 2009

    Activist Lawrence Lessig says the outdated copyright system criminalises a generation and needs fundamental changes. But Eileen McDermott finds that practitioners have serious doubts about his proposals. PLUS: Lessig responds to his critics


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