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Life Science Focus 2005

  • A new challenge for the patent system

    Research into stem cells is leading to new demands on the patent system - and provoking resistance from protesters. Members of FICPI's Biotech Committee Helene Fagerlin, David Bannerman, Lola Bartoszewicz and Danny Huntington survey the latest developments in the US, Europe and elsewhere

  • Proposed regulations to adjust generic balance

    The Canadian government has proposed changes to the regulations governing patented medicines and data exclusivity. David Heller and Adrian Zahl of Ridout & Maybee explain how the reforms will affect the research-based and generic industries

  • Harmonization due for pre-expiry trials in Europe

    The scope of the experimental use exemption is a vital issue for both research-based and generic pharmaceutical companies. Ina Schreiber and Cyra Nargolwalla of Cabinet Plasseraud examine attempts to harmonize the law in Europe, and compare practice in France, Germany and the UK

  • Europe's courts converge on non-literal infringement

    In the light of recent cases on the scope of patent protection, William Cook, Peter Meyer and Francis van Velsen of Simmons & Simmons compare the approach of the English, German and Dutch courts

  • Balancing the traditional and the modern

    Biological resources can provide commercial opportunities but their importance for local communities must also be respected. Sunita K Sreedharan of Anand & Anand examines how India has reconciled conflicting demands in this area

  • Drug data given strong protection

    Monica Hyon-Kyong Leeu and In Hwan Kim of Kim & Chang explain how the KFDA's drug re-examination system provides protection for pharmaceutical data in Korea

  • Accessing genetic resources

    Given the richness of Mexico's genetic resources, biopiracy is a serious threat in the country. Osvaldo Amaral of Olivares & Cia examines the existing and proposed legislation to protect local communities

  • Protecting pharma and biotech inventions

    Jason P Rogers of James & Wells provides a guide to protecting pharmaceutical and biotech inventions in New Zealand, and previews the changes expected under proposed changes to the Patents Act

  • The road to regulatory approval for biogenerics

    It has been hard for biogenerics to gain regulatory approval in Europe and the US, but the new EU regulatory regime could change that in Europe. Tim Powell and Ewan Nettleton of Bristows ask if the tide has turned

  • New opportunities beckon for big pharma

    Ned Israelsen and Christopher Sweeney of Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear argue that, when it comes to big pharma's research and development pipeline, the low-hanging fruit has been picked and it's time to tend the orchard

  • How to enforce your patent portfolio

    Many biotechnology companies are looking hard at their patent portfolios to raise extra revenues. Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe's Craig Kaufman and Anne-Marie Dinius reveal how biotech companies can use the law to enhance their ability to enforce their patent rights

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