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IP at the border 2005

  • Editorial

  • Section 1 - Overview

  • The battle to protect Europe's frontier

    Following last year's enlargement, Europe’s border has shifted eastwards and now stretches from Estonia in the north to Slovenia in the south. In the war against IP piracy, this boundary will be a vital battleground

  • How to improve Customs laws

    The following is an extract from an address given by Kunio Mikuriya, deputy secretary general of the World Customs Organization, at the World Economic Forum in Davos on January 28 2005

  • A guide to patent infringement litigation

    Margareta Oproiu and Raluca Vasilescu of Cabinet M Oproiu examine recent trends in patent infringement litigation in Romania, focusing in particular on the pharmaceutical industry

  • Protecting IP at the border

    Romania has strong laws in place to protect IP rights and stop the import of counterfeit goods. But, as Alexandru Harsany and Ana-Maria Serban of Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen explain, the country still needs to make progress on enforcement

  • Rewards without risks

    Litigation in IP cases is a relatively new concept in Russia. Vladimir Biriulin of Gorodissky & Partners considers the options available to rights owners and the best strategies to pursue

  • The uphill battle against piracy

    Russia's vast territory makes the country vulnerable to IP piracy. Petja Papula of Papula-Nevinpat examines how Customs procedures can help rights owners, in particular in the area of trade mark protection

  • Trade mark strategy tips

    As Ukraine looks towards harmonizing its trade mark law with western Europe, Heidi Mikkola and Riikka Palmos of Papula-Nevinpat provide strategic advice for applicants seeking protection in the country

  • Litigation overhaul promises IP changes

    Protection of IP rights in Ukraine is steadily improving. Michael Doubinsky and Yuliya Kolchenko of Doubinsky & Osharova explain how reforms to Ukraine's court system affect IP cases

  • Customs control and civil prosecution

    In a country with a transition economy, reinforcing the borders to prevent the entry of counterfeit goods is a priority. Alexander Pakharenko of Pakharenko & Partners examines the border measures and civil actions available in Ukraine

  • Section 3 - EU Jurisdictions

  • Enforcement old and new

    Jan Hák and Jana Remisova of PATENTSERVIS Praha explain how Customs enforcement has changed following the accession of the Czech Republic to the EU

  • EU membership brings Customs changes

    Riikka Palmos and Heidi Mikkola of Papula-Nevinpat explain how Customs procedures can help rights owners stop counterfeits in Estonia

  • New Regulation tests Customs practice

    Customs enforcement in Finland has been effective since the country joined the EU in 1995. But, warns Petri Eskola of Backström & Co, new EU Regulations will lead to some important changes

  • Counterfeiting and piracy in Latvia today

    Vladimir Anohin of Agency Tria Robit and John Anderson of the EU Phare Project examine the difficulty of enforcing IP rights in Latvia, and explain the options available to rights owners

  • How to work with Customs

    Despite their limited experience in IP matters, the Lithuanian Customs authorities have proved effective in taking action against counterfeit and pirated goods, explains Lina Meskauskiene of Metida Patent and Trademark Agency

  • Using Customs to protect trade marks

    Following EU accession, Customs can be an effective weapon in Poland. Tomasz Mielke of Patpol explains how Customs procedures can be useful in civil and criminal trade mark cases

  • Customs protection in practice

    Customs protection for IP rights in the Slovak Republic is a relatively recent innovation. Dagmar Cechvalová of inventa explains the genesis of the law, and discusses its advantages and shortfalls in practice

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