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  • Why arbitration is a valid alternative

    June 01, 2007

    Recent cases in the US and Europe may make international arbitration a more attractive option in international IP disputes. Alan M Anderson and Christopher A Young explain why, and examine how arbitration can be effective for both parties

  • How to avoid inventor disputes with employees

    June 01, 2007

    A recent case addressed what happens when an employer and employee dispute who owns an invention. We contrast the UK, German and Japanese approaches

  • UK patent case prompts strategy rethink

    June 01, 2007

    The UK Court of Appeal has made it clear that if a court awards damages in a patent infringement case, the order cannot be overturned if the patent is later found invalid by the EPO

  • US rethinks free trade agreements

    June 01, 2007

    US trade negotiators will be forced to limit the IP demands they make of their trading partners under a new policy announced by American politicians on May 10

  • Brazil defends decision to break AIDS patent

    June 01, 2007

    After the Thai public health ministry said it would issue a compulsory licence over a patent held by Merck, the Brazilian government has followed suit

  • Interferences Board should look to record, not expertise

    June 01, 2007

    The USPTO Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences should rely on evidence submitted by parties rather than its own expertise in judging who is the rightful owner of a patent

  • Supreme Court eases obviousness challenges

    June 01, 2007

    The US Supreme Court's decision in KSR v Teleflex threatens to change the balance of power between patent owners and alleged infringers in the US. How has it been received by the USPTO and courts?

  • Interview: A patent system under pressure

    June 01, 2007

    An increasing number of examiners say the patent system faces collapse. Robert Budens, president of the Patent Office Professional Association, explains

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