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  • Solving the patent crisis

    As patent applications soar, patent office leaders and lawmakers are considering new ways to make the process of obtaining protection more efficient. James Nurton reports from the WIPO Patent Conference in Geneva


  • The art of using experts

    The selection, preparation and use of experts in patent litigation is a significant aspect of any trial. Bill Schuurman and Nicole Stafford explain how greater judicial scrutiny in the US has made the handling of experts even more critical

  • New technology transfer law to boost research

    The Korean government has traditionally held the rights to inventions in national and public universities. But new technology transfer legislation will change that. Researchers will now have an incentive to commercialize their inventions, writes Man-Gi Paik

  • The drama over format rights

    Programme formats can be a goldmine but to what extent can they attract IP rights? Lyndsay Gough looks at some of the issues facing those seeking to exploit and protect them

  • Market reforms cloud trade mark rights

    Russia's transition to a market economy has created a tangle of proprietary rights. Valeri Guerman explains some of the problems facing trade mark owners

  • Hanging on every word

    A company’s infrastructure is like a spider’s web in which information must be trapped and digested. This image conveys aptly one of the most challenging aspects of an IP manager’s job: capturing invention information, writes Janice Denoncourt

  • Big drama, big wins

    Technology was the driving force behind some of the year’s most interesting cases, but others have made their mark in the drama stakes or for their impact on consumers. From India to Indonesia, South Africa and the US, James Nurton, Ralph Cunningham and Ingrid Hering look at what was a year of intriguing and often exciting litigation

  • Keeping records key to obtaining US patents

    The difference between first-to-invent and first-to-file is critical to the US and Chinese patent systems. Now that China has joined the WTO, inventors must keep proper records of invention if they want US patents, argue Jack Barufka, Bryan Collins and Catherine Sun

  • Insight: The nuts and bolts of the USPTO

    A rare glimpse into the workings of the USPTO reveals an organization rich in history and poised on the threshold of change. Sam Mamudi visits the Arlington agency and finds out what makes it tick

  • Charting the patent path

    Interview: James Rogan James Rogan, the new director of the USPTO, speaks to Sam Mamudi about being at the helm of one of the most influential IP organizations in the world at a time of enormous challenge and growth

  • Letter from the editor...

  • Directive diverges from practice

    Stephen Whybrow, CMS Cameron McKenna, London

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