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Emma Barraclough

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Company: Managing IP
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  • Mon, 18 April 2016

    Guest post: Why the CJEU is learning on the job

    In a guest blog post, Emma Barraclough reports on some of the academic research presented at the recent CREATe litigation workshop in London

  • Tue, 16 June 2015

    IP in Asia (1) – takeaways from London forum

    Specialist IP courts, underused IP rights and the benefits of alternative dispute resolution across the region were some of the issues discussed at Managing IP’s IP in Asia events in London last week

  • Thu, 28 May 2015

    What are the IP industry disrupters?

    What working practices and new services could disrupt the way that businesses seek legal advice on IP, or IP prosecution services?

  • Wed, 13 May 2015

    Photos from our Women in IP Network drinks reception

    More than 200 trade mark professionals came along to a cocktail reception hosted by Managing IP’s Women in IP Global Network in San Diego last week

  • Thu, 30 April 2015

    Should the EU courts have an IP tribunal?

    Few European organisations escape periodic political tensions. But why are so many European institutions that deal with IP rights experiencing problems at the same time?

  • Tue, 28 April 2015

    Managing IP at the INTA Annual Meeting

    Visit Managing IP at next week’s INTA Annual Meeting to find out about our new app, pick up a copy of the Grey Market Strategy map and meet our team

  • Tue, 07 April 2015

    Spotlight on Zynga

    Zynga is back in the news this month, after the Court of Appeal in London overturned parts of a decision handed down by the High Court last year in the company’s dispute with Mattel over trade mark rights

  • Mon, 23 March 2015

    Why the Commission is rattled over the Unitary Patent

    There is lots happening in Munich this week, as member state representatives gather on Bob-van-Benthem-Platz for a meeting of the Administrative Council on Wednesday. But while much of the focus on the EPO centres on industrial relations and governance issues, there are important Unitary Patent developments taking place too

  • Wed, 18 March 2015

    International Patent Forum: Day 2 highlights

    Emma Barraclough rounds up the highlights of the second day of Managing IP’s International Patent Forum 2015, held at the Waldorf Hilton in London

  • Wed, 04 March 2015

    How China is changing

    Ten years ago, when I was Asia editor for Managing IP in Hong Kong, discussions about IP in China focused almost entirely on counterfeiting: the scale of it, how to stop it and whether the country would develop a culture of indigenous innovation

  • Tue, 24 February 2015

    Meet the Managing IP team: Emma Barraclough

    Introducing Managing IP's group editor, Emma Barraclough

  • Wed, 21 January 2015

    Why IP needs events aimed at women

    Despite what critics have said, our popular events and network for women working in IP promote inclusive working cultures, networking, career progression and role models. What’s wrong with that?

  • Thu, 08 January 2015

    Now is the time to prepare for the Unitary Patent and UPC

    If patent owners make one New Year resolution for 2015, it should be this: try to understand how Europe’s Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court will affect you, your portfolio and future applications

  • Thu, 04 December 2014

    Don't miss our US IP events next week

    I’ll be in San Jose next week for two Managing IP events: our International Women’s Leadership Forum is on Tuesday, and the European Patent Reform Forum takes place the day after (my colleague Michael Loney is hosting another on Friday in New York)

  • Wed, 12 November 2014

    What has been agreed on Patent Box reforms?

    So, just five weeks after a UK government minister defended the country’s Patent Box scheme, George Osborne has announced that he has agreed with the German finance minister to make changes to it. But what changes has he agreed?

  • Wed, 05 November 2014

    Online now – IP Clinic on hashtag rights

    What kind of trade mark protection is available to users of Twitter hashtags? That’s the question posed in this month’s IP Clinic

  • Mon, 13 October 2014

    Is Weatherley's world too black and white?

    Last week saw the publication of a report on copyright education (and the need for more of it) by the UK prime minister's IP adviser. But is its good guys/bad guys approach too simplistic?

  • Fri, 10 October 2014

    Time to rethink the limits to trade mark rights?

    Last week the UK introduced clear exceptions to the rights of copyright owners. Is it now time to set out the limits to trade mark law and clarify what third parties can do with registered marks?

  • Mon, 06 October 2014

    Are patent boxes more than an IP-shifting exercise?

    There has been much focus over the past week on how companies use patents to reduce their tax liabilities

  • Wed, 01 October 2014

    Do your business colleagues understand trade marks?

    Wish your business teams understood more about trade marks? At least you’re not alone, according to a survey carried out by Hogan Lovells

  • Thu, 18 September 2014

    Join the debate about IP and innovation in our first Twitter Q&A

    Next week we are trying something new at Managing IP. For the past decade we have published our annual list of the 50 most influential people in IP. This year we are asking the people on it to share their views about the future of IP, and the issues that concern them the most

  • Wed, 17 September 2014

    Is the B word now less of a curse?

    Last September one of the speakers at our first European Patent Reform Forum described the fear of bifurcation at the UPC the "British angst". One year on and it seems that there is rather less angst around

  • Wed, 20 August 2014

    Where do you stand on plain packaging?

    Are tobacco companies part of an old-school IP camp? What’s the correct car-related analogy for an IP right you own, but whose use is restricted? Are plain packaging rules akin to environmental regulations that prevent the development of land and thus reduce the value of a plot?

  • Wed, 16 July 2014

    What role do governments play in innovation?

    We often hear that governments have little role in innovation, but is that the case?

  • Tue, 24 June 2014

    Half of the human race

    I was at a Managing IP event in New York earlier this month. There were senior lawyers from private practice, businesses and government agencies on the panels and in the audience, a good showing of scientists-turned-lawyers and a sizeable smattering of PhDs. That might not sound unusual, but what made it different was that almost everyone there was a woman.

  • Fri, 30 May 2014

    The bottom line benefits of gender diversity

    There are lots of valid debates about the benefits of diverse workplaces. Should businesses do more to retain their female staff because they bring different talents to the workplace, for example? Or do men and women have the same skill sets, rendering policies that make it harder for women to progress at work unfair for women and an own goal for businesses looking to expand their talent pool?

  • Wed, 28 May 2014

    Learn to optimise your IP supply chain

    If you are an IP professional who needs to better understand how to manage your IP supply chain then a webinar on June 10 should provide some helpful guidance

  • Wed, 14 May 2014

    Time to widen the debate

    There was a session on plain packaging at the INTA Annual Meeting in Hong Kong last week (the rest of the session title was "Who will it affect next?")

  • Tue, 29 April 2014

    Learn, network and share best practices at the 2014 Women’s Leadership Forum

    Victoria Espinel, president and CEO of the BSA and former US IP Czar (below, left), will open Managing IP’s 2014 International Women’s Leadership Forum in June

  • Fri, 28 March 2014

    The ideal IP Office

    Does the revolving door or the job-for-life approach work best for IP offices, IP owners and the general public?

  • Fri, 07 March 2014

    Michelle Lee to open Managing IP's US Patent Forum on March 25

    Michelle Lee, Judge Sharon Prost and Q Todd Dickinson are among the speakers at the US Patent Forum, hosted later this month by Managing IP

  • Fri, 28 February 2014

    Are debates on the role of IP in disseminating green technology about to heat up again?

    The green technology issue was back on the agenda at this week’s meeting of the TRIPs Council in Geneva, when Ecuador suggested it could update its year-old proposal on easing patent terms and strengthening TRIPs flexibilities for environmentally sound technologies.

  • Fri, 14 February 2014

    Commercial suicide or good business sense?

    Judges, IP offices, parties and even some lawyers are in favour of mediation in IP cases. So why is it not more common?

  • Fri, 10 January 2014

    Where does the Inventor Trail end?

    The European Commission has a new approach to policy making in the IP area. In fact, to call it an approach to IP would be to fall into the silo trap that the Commission says it is trying to escape. The Commission’s approach is far more rounded

  • Wed, 11 December 2013

    Who gains from the relentless rise in IP applications?

    WIPO has just revealed its annual report on IP indicators, filled with superlatives about fastest rates of growth and record numbers of filings. After a short-term drop following the lowest point of the global financial crisis, it seems as though the steady uptick in global IP applications continues

  • Tue, 03 December 2013

    WTO meeting in Bali shows how IP has turned bilateral

    Hundreds of trade negotiators have been flying into Bali for the start of the WTO’s 9th ministerial conference. What difference does it make for IP?

  • Mon, 11 November 2013

    Is the reputation of London's IP rulings under threat?

    If you want evidence that the UK’s IP courts are held in high regard, look no further than Samsung’s offer to the European Commission

  • Wed, 30 October 2013

    The importance of getting unitary patent fees right

    Journalists know that most officials tend to downplay potential problems. So when both the president of the EPO and its head of patent law and international affairs acknowledge the difficulties in agreeing a fee structure for the unitary patent, we know they really mean it

  • Mon, 21 October 2013

    Europe’s new sport: fighting to host UPC divisions

    New figures relating to patent litigation in Europe could reopen the debate about the way the Unified Patent Court system works in practice

  • Thu, 10 October 2013

    The UK’s IP Tsar must do more than represent IP owners

    It’s an age-old dilemma for governments: they want to take advice from those with real-life experience but they don’t want to be seen to be beholden to sectoral interests. So what does the appointment of Mike Weatherley as an adviser mean for IP?

  • Fri, 27 September 2013

    The B word provokes UPC angst in Munich

    There was plenty of angst in Munich last week at Managing IP’s European Patent Reform Forum. You may not be surprised to hear that it centred on the issue of bifurcation and the Unified Patent Court

  • Tue, 10 September 2013

    What’s on this week

    The summer is over and IP officials and judges are back to work. Here's some of the highlights over the next week

  • Fri, 06 September 2013

    Injunctions under review in China

    IP owners who think their products are being infringed often want just one thing: for the infringement to stop (not patent trolls, of course, but that’s another story). In China, however, stopping infringement can be trickier than usual

  • Mon, 02 September 2013

    Mixed fortunes for pharma in China

    China is getting richer and its population is ageing. That’s a dream combination for pharmaceutical companies. But while there are plenty of opportunities for the drugs industry in the country, companies also face challenges

  • Tue, 20 August 2013

    IP disputes in focus as TPP talks resume

    Negotiators in Europe might still be preparing for the next round of transatlantic trade negotiations from the beach but those from countries on the Pacific Rim are already getting ready for a resumption in talks this week

  • Mon, 05 August 2013

    Who needs image rights when you have passing off?

    That many people believe the urban legend that has an English judge enquire in court: “Who are the Beatles?” attests to the view that judges operate far outside mainstream culture. Not so Mr Justice Colin Birss

  • Mon, 22 July 2013

    The truth about lookalikes

    Everyone knows that lookalike products are bad, right? Well brand owners might, but it turns out that consumers are not so sure

  • Mon, 17 June 2013

    Chinese IP owners are not always what you expect

    It was Managing IP’s fourth China-International IP Forum in Beijing last month. We had a great turnout of in-house counsel from Chinese companies and plenty of questions for the panellists at the end of each session – always something we conference organisers like to see.

  • Fri, 10 May 2013

    Patent pools under pressure

    Do patent pools ultimately benefit consumers or the companies that agree to package their IP rights as part of a technical standard? That’s a question antitrust officials must grapple with, but it’s one that raises questions of both theory and practice.

  • Fri, 26 April 2013

    Dualit case is a warning to UK litigators

    Despite winning its UK patent dispute with Nestec, Dualit was criticised for the length and scope of its submissions. Should it care? And what lessons should litigants learn?

  • Mon, 08 April 2013

    Big pharma faces an incendiary mix of distrust and austerity

    Everyone knows pharmaceutical companies are under pressure as they edge slowly towards (and off) the patent cliff. But now regulators and judges around the world seem to be turning against them too

  • Mon, 25 March 2013

    Crestor, Google AdWords, Twitter patent and EU Action Plan

    Today’s blog looks at AstraZeneca’s Crestor settlement and today’s Supreme Court hearing on reverse payments, the harmonisation of Google’s AdWords policy and a patent on twitter. We also cast a critical eye over the latest EU Action Plan

  • Tue, 19 March 2013

    Copyright law overhaul; first-to-file latest; and what are patents good for?

    Today's IP developments include a review of the (limited) relationship between patents and financial performance; copyright law plans; Canadian MPs' IP plans; first-to-file rules; and the end of the road for Jammie Thomas-Rasset

  • Fri, 08 March 2013

    Complusory licence requests, Samsung's appeal, online reputations and the UK's plain packaging plans

    Today's round-up of IP news and comment focuses on the reasons why India has escaped the smartphone wars, a battle of statistics as the UK readies for tobacco plain packaging, advice for online lawyers and Samsung's latest loss

  • Tue, 05 March 2013

    The examiners examined

    We’ve heard about the lives of examiners at the EPO, the USPTO and OHIM. Now it’s the turn of an examiner at the Chinese Intellectual Property Office’s Patent Re-examination Board to tell us about a day in her life

  • Mon, 04 March 2013

    Apple damages, patent box surge and Chinese IP wars

    Managing IP’s daily round-up of IP news takes in the Apple vs Samsung latest, 3D printing, a Chinese-US spat over IP, the impact of tax incentives on patenting in the UK and a guide to patent troll bashing

  • Wed, 20 February 2013

    5-a-day: Monsanto's patent; China's resale right plans; and WIPO negotiations

    Today's developments include predictions for the SCOTUS ruling in Bowman v Monsanto, how Chinese artists may benefit from copyright reform plans, a Pirate Bay parody, IP progess in the Philippines and WIPO's tricky balancing act in treaty negotiations

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