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Global IP & Innovation Summit 2017 | 2017全球知识产权及创新峰会 - Overview

August 30 & 31, 2017 | 2 0 1 7年8月3 0 - 3 1日
Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre │ 上海雅居乐万豪酒店

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Intellectual property enforcement has been consistently placed among the top handful of issues raised by companies doing business in China, despite being cited as one of the top patent and trademark filers worldwide. The MIP Global IP & Innovation Summit 2017 returns for its sixth year to Shanghai, taking an in-depth look inside China’s growing IP market. The achievements of the IP courts will be examined in detail due to their influential and essential role in leading many judicial reforms in China. Other discussions will focus on amendments to the patent, trademark and anti-unfair competition laws aimed to provide greater enforcement and preventative measures to protect your IP.

对于在中国经营业务的企业来说,尽管中国是全世界专利和商标注册大国,但知识 产权执行一直是最值得关注的问题之一。2017年,MIP全球知识产权及创新峰会第 六次来到上海,又将对中国不断成长的知识产权市场进行深刻剖析。由于知识产权 法院在中国法制改革中扮演了重要的领导性角色,因此会议将仔细讨论其成就。讨 论还将关注专利法、商标法、反不正当竞争法等法律的修订,这些修订旨在为知识 产权保护提供更多的执法和预防措施。

Patents in the digital age face unique opportunities and challenges, and with technology developing at a rapid rate, it is essential to remain competitive in the global market to maximise innovation and your portfolio’s value. With China’s IP laws now increasingly reflecting international standards, the Summit will be tracking recent trends in second medical use patents, trade secret protection, anti-counterfeiting solutions and Standard Essential Patents with particular reference to landmark decisions in Europe.

数字时代的专利面临着特殊的机遇和挑战,而且随着技术的飞速发展,充分利用创 新来使资产组合价值最大化,对于在全球市场中保持竞争力至关重要。随着中国的 知识产权法律越来越多地反映国际标准,此次峰会将关注第二医药用途专利、商业 机密保护、防伪措施和标准必要专利(SEP)等方面的最新趋势,其中会特别讨论欧 洲的一些里程碑式的决定。

The MIP Global IP & Innovation Summit 2017 brings together leaders in corporations, industry associations and leading legal experts to discuss and impart valuable knowledge and strategies to manage, expand, and maximise innovation on a global scale.

2017年MIP全球知识产权及创新峰会汇聚企业和行业协会领袖与顶尖法律专家,针对如 何在全球范围内管理、扩展和充分利用创新来共同讨论和传播有价值的知识和策略。

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Benefits of attending: 与会收获

  • Evaluate patent examination and regulatory compliance under the newly amended act
  • 审视在新修订法案下的专利审查与合规
  • Discuss the new method for software patents in China and how to take advantage of this
  • 讨论在中国申请软件专利的新方法及如何利用
  • Learn how to apply the FRAND standard in China with reference to recent infringement cases
  • 参照近期侵权案件,了解如何在中国运用 FRAND原则
  • Understand anti-monopoly guidelines on IP abuse and how to prevent monopoly violations
  • 理解滥用知识产权的反垄断指南,以及如何防 止垄断行为
  • Listen to practical advice for your final preparations for the Unified Patent Court
  • 获得为欧盟统一专利法院的成立做最后准备的 实用建议
  • Debate strategies to overcome the difficulties of evidence collection on patent infringement
  • 讨论搜集专利侵权证据的策略
  • Join analysis on how to undertake criminal enforcement of a trade secret misappropriation
  • 分析如何对盗用商业机密进行刑事执法
  • Find out how to protect your brand on key online platforms and locate the biggest online infringers
  • 了解如何在主要线上平台保护您的品牌和发现 最大线上侵权者


Who you will meet: 与会人员

  • IP in-house counsel 企业内部知识产权法务顾问
  • General counsel 法律顾问
  • Heads of IP 知识产权部门经理
  • Heads of legal 法律部门经理
  • Patent counsel 专利顾问
  • Trademark counsel 商标顾问

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Iris Tang
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Natalie Canter
+44 (0) 207 779 8730

Melanie Petch
+44 (0) 207 779 8836


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