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MIP Luxury Brand & Retail Forum USA 2016 - Overview

Tuesday April 19, 2016 - Essex House, New York



With the world becoming more connected and customers spending a significant amount of their time online, it is crucial to be able to navigate this new landscape to protect and manage your brand in the right way. With the rise of social media and online marketplaces, marketing infringing goods and passing off established brands has never been so easy. The International Copyright Council estimates that the global
trade in counterfeit goods is now around $1.77 trillion worldwide. Therefore, it is imperative to know every trick to protect your brand and connect traditional brand protection with new methods to safeguard your products online.

The increasing democratisation of the internet means online shopping plays an increasingly important role in the purchasing decisions of luxury goods. It is more important than ever for brands to implement risk management strategies to stay one step ahead of against online infringements and ensure preservation of your brand. In addition to this, tweets and social media impose a full new set of regulatory and legal challenges to your brand, and the accessible nature of online material and content sharing threatens the exclusivity of your products.

The inaugural MIP Luxury Brand & Retail Forum USA echoed its successful sister event in London in September 2015. It guided delegates through this new world, and advised on all legal matters ranging from trademarks and brand protection to copyright and design protection. By discussing the most pressing legal issues facing the luxury and retail industry, this forum provided cutting edge legal advice and equipped delegates with everything they need to know to protect their brand, both physically and online.

The MIP Luxury Brand & Retail Forum USA united experts in corporations, industry associations and international leading legal experts to discuss and exchange business critical knowledge.

Benefits of attending: 

  • Learn how to utilise website blocking strategies to fight counterfeit sales online
  • Discuss the benefits and multiple risks of social media with regard to brand dilution, content sharing and copyright compliance
  • Debate how to protect your brand in emerging markets
  • Examine the changing relationship between luxury and retail brands
  • Listen to enforcement strategies and best practices to safeguard your assets
  • Join analysis on the pros and cons of utilising either trademark, design rights or copyright to best protect your brands and products
  • Examine whether the introduction of wearable technology with merge the distinction between design and patent law








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