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  • PODS awarded $62 million in U-Haul trade mark suit

    U-Haul International has lost a lawsuit filed over its use of the word “pods” in its advertising and marketing campaigns

  • US Congressional Trademark Caucus established

    Members of the US Congress have formed the Congressional Trademark Caucus. It will be the first ever caucus in the US Congress to deal solely with issues related to trade marks

  • WIPO launches multilingual database

    The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has launched a new database that makes publicly available a trove of technical and scientific terminology

  • Stokke suffers CJEU blow over shape marks

    The Norwegian maker of Tripp Trapp highchairs has suffered a setback in its battle to protect the shape of its products after the Court of Justice of the EU ruled that EU law can preclude the registration of shapes required by the function of a product

  • WIPO announces proposed appointments

    The office of WIPO director general Francis Gurry has released a list of proposed appointments for deputy directors general and assistant directors general

  • Trade secrets bill clears House Judiciary Committee

    The House Judiciary Committee has approved HR 5233, the Trade Secrets Protection Act, by voice vote

  • Sujata Chaudhri starts new firm

    Sujata Chaudhri has opened her own firm, Sujata Chaudhri IP Attorneys, in Noida, India

  • Building an authentic brand

    Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of computer gaming device maker Razer, speaks to Managing IP about how his company takes an organic approach to brand building, his company’s IP strategy and what he looks for in lawyers. Hint: no pushovers

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