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  • New York City government to launch .nyc gTLD next month

    New York will launch its own .nyc gTLD next month for businesses and individuals who want to identify themselves as having a physical location in the city

  • UK IPO sets out three-year plan

    Research on the impact of IP infringement on business and society, on the tools used to educate and enforce, and on IP markets and finance for investment are at the heart of the UK IP Office’s research and evaluation priorities for the coming year

  • Brand owner concerns grow over .sucks gTLD

    Of the 1400 possible new gTLDs, none is more worrying for brand owners than .sucks. With three companies competing to own the string, rights owners will be watching closely who comes out on top

  • The brave new generic (TLD) world

    Touting it as “the most generic TLD ever”, the operator of dot-xyz says that this alternative to .com will attract young and savvy internet users that brand owners want to target. The real story however may be that many new gTLDs will not cater primarily to brand owners’ needs

  • Canada braced for “bedlam” after surprise Trade-marks Act changes

    IP observers in Canada are warning of uncertainty and increased expense for trade mark owners after the country’s government announced sweeping changes to the Trade-marks Act late on Friday March 28

  • Copyright owners, collecting societies and the competition conundrum

    Last month Europe’s top court set out how copyright licensees can challenge the collecting societies that administer fees for IP owners. But what does it mean in practice?

  • Global Awards - your reactions

    Using Storify, Managing IP has compiled some of your tweets and comments following the Global Awards Dinner in London on March 19

  • Managing IP Global Awards 2014: the winners

    Awards were presented to the leading national, regional and global firms at a ceremony at the Dorchester, London on March 19


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