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  • The great copyright debate

    Activist Lawrence Lessig says the outdated copyright system criminalises a generation and needs fundamental changes. But Eileen McDermott finds that practitioners have serious doubts about his proposals. PLUS: Lessig responds to his critics



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  • How should I decide which patents not to renew?

    Given the economic situation, my company is looking to cut costs from our IP department and one option is not to renew some of our patent portfolio. Which factors should I consider in deciding which patents not to renew?


  • Utynam's Heirs

    A monthly column devoted to IP curiosities and controversies, named in honour of John of Utynam - who received the world’s first recorded patent in 1449

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Blockbusters on the fringe: the shows riffing on pop cultural giants via @guardian Tribute acts & copyright

Aug 21 2014 11:17 ·  reply ·  retweet ·  favourite
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That #PTAB feature by @mdloney - in 3 parts - will be in our Sept issue and also online in the next few days. Well worth reading

Aug 21 2014 10:58 ·  reply ·  retweet ·  favourite
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More from #PTAB article: "Where Federal Circuit is going to have some things to say is ... the PTAB’s approach to construing claims"

Aug 21 2014 10:42 ·  reply ·  retweet ·  favourite
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