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  • How to avoid licensing dangers

    Q Todd Dickinson and Roger L May identify 10 pitfalls that lie in wait for licensees and licensors, and examine how to draft contracts to eliminate them


  • World IP Survey, Part 2: Meeting the brand challenge

    In the second part of the annual World IP Survey, James Nurton, Ingrid Hering and Ralph Cunningham analyze the latest trends in trade mark and copyright practice around the world. We also reveal the leading firms in our annual poll

  • Survey: US/Canada: Pushing at the boundaries of protection

    Legal changes and commercial needs have opened up new opportunities for trade mark owners in North America. Ingrid Hering reports on how the US and Canada are responding to demands for more novel trade marks

  • Survey: Latin America and Africa: Redefining trade mark tradition

    Latin America has placed its foot firmly forward in defining the new frontiers of what can be registered as a trade mark. Ingrid Hering reports

  • Survey: Asia: Making the most of Madrid

    The Madrid Protocol is a threat or opportunity depending on where you are standing. Ralph Cunningham reports from Hong Kong about how firms in Asia are dealing with their countries’ membership of the international trade mark agreement

  • Survey: Western Europe: Courts prepare to decide key issues

    Trade mark work in Europe is entering a period of consolidation as applications to OHIM level off. Now, reports James Nurton, Europe’s courts will have to grapple with the complicated issues arising from the Trade Mark Directive

  • Survey: Eastern Europe: The challenge of enforcement

    While the Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia have all strengthened their IP laws, copyright and trade marks owners have major concerns about the lack of enforcement, reports James Nurton

  • The ECJ rescues descriptive marks

    What is BABY-DRY - a trade mark for talcum powder, compact tumble-dryers, rain hoods for prams or nappies? Hub. J Harmeling looks into the complicated and changing world of descriptive marks in Europe

  • The road to TRIPs compliance

    Although Taiwan is not yet a WTO member, the government is determined to ensure that its patent legislation complies with TRIPs. Daisy Wang outlines the plans to achieve this aim

  • The benefits of provisional applications

    Statistics from the USPTO reveal the increasing popularity of provisional patent applications. Philippe Signore explains what they are, and discusses their advantages and disadvantages

  • Indonesia overhauls patent enforcement

    Lawmakers in Indonesia have recognized the importance of patents to economic activity by providing for the speedy resolution of disputes under the new Patent Law. Cita Priapantja explains the most important features of the new legislation

  • Taking to the skies

    Interview: James Tierney, Boeing Ingrid Hering speaks to James Tierney, director of IP business, Boeing

  • From the editor...

  • Streamlining litigation in Australia

    Malcolm Royal, president, International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

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Welcome to our new Americas reporter, Stephen @Chinabria! He will be working alongside @mdloney in NY covering US, CA & Latin America

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@alexbhlz @JessicaSobhraj Sync it is - thanks Jessica/Alex! The article is now live here (sub/trial req'd)

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RT @iHerreros: Is posting football Vines copyright infringement? Short answer = it might be, but courts will decide

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